Elsewhere Land

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The loss of my illusion that there was no paradise without a snake, turned me as a maker of drawings and paintings from my working terrain in Spitsbergen and Lapland, towards establishing my own Scandinavian Elsewhereland.

Elsewhereland is no land, and all land, that dehumanizes. The land welcomes everybody who, in harmony with fauna and flora, never wants to run when they cannot crawl, never wants to fly before they have wings.

Safely in Elsewhereland, I draw and paint a modest contribution to the human civilization. Disengaged from every artistic compulsion, and in opposition of fashion and trends, which are always hiding what is dirty, and fully aware of Jean de la Fontaines, Les animaux de la Peste: “All the brains in the world are powerless against the sort of stupidity that is in fashion.”

By fire and sword, I draw guards, gates and useless objects for protection of my Elsewhereland, which is an ode to the beauty of mother earth, and a visual critic to the excesses of western wheeling and dealing, which is steeped with the delusion that the earth belongs to mankind.

Paul De Roy 2013