Lapland series

The catalyst in this artistic process was a prolonged hike through Swedish and Norwegian Lapland in 1970, when I touched for the first time upon the magic of the extensive and pristine no-man's-land. In 2005, I returned to my first love to stay there for months. and I have returned to this untinged landscape ever since. I wander through the no-nonsense biotope, freed from human nuisance and conditioned consumption.

My Lappish realistic series of paintings and drawings records traces from her or him who ever or never came by. Traces from the dilapidated human being.


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In this recent series I praise the empty land as a symbol of victory from nature over culture.

A painter leaves traces from the spirit on paper and on canvas.
A collection of drawings and paintings takes Lapland as a central theme (from 2005).

Books: Lapland, on the way back,Lapland, the infinite country and Lapland, the empty land

Paul De Roy 2013