Spitsbergen fairytales series

Quote: "Knowledge without imagination is conveniently called 'craftmanship' by the enlightened art despots, but imagination without craftsmanship is labelled as 'contemporary art'. The despotic pundits imply a positive bias towards this complacency, which is encouraged from above, and practiced by cultureless triflers and poseurs, who proclaim themselves artists, supposedly rejuvenating, renewing and ground-breaking."

Don't get caught in these euphemisms!

Renewal and transgression are never common occurences. Therefore, mimesis remains.


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Browsing through the unlimited world of classifications, I have to conclude that it is perfectly possible to develop a genuine oeuvre devoid of volatile fashions and trends.

From the series 'Spitsbergse Sprookjes' / 'Svalbard’s Fairy tales' onward, I populate Svalbard with Scandinavian and mythological elements, which results in magical-realistic works of art.

A selection of drawings and paintings from the series ‘Spitsbergse Sprookjes / Svalbard’s Fairy tales’ (2002-2005) appeared in 2006.

Book: Spoorloos Spitsbergen / Vanished Svalbard

Paul De Roy 2013