Spitsbergen series

Quote: “Step after step an artistic view matured on the region that made my hearth beat faster. I based my work on the continuity and the tradition of drawing and painting. I etched my almost entirely plastic and graphical oeuvre, which revolves around the archipelago, on the conviction that observable reality generates the power to produce captivating works of art.


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I did not invite the human being, constrained as he is by alienating rights and duties.

Nordic landscapes, by contrast, have the power to warn us that we have not acted on our primeaval desires, that we have silenced our passions to no purpose, that our gestures have been too small, that culture is nothing but motions of moderation and imperfection.

A selection of drawings and paintings from the series ‘Spitsbergen (Svalbard)’ (1993-2002) was published in 2002.

Book: Spitsbergen

Paul De Roy 2013